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October 2, 2020 0 Comments

Old school SUPER SHAKE



Raw Milk and Raw eggs have been on the menu for humans for quite some time now. For years old-school bodybuilders and strength athletes have based their nutrition programs around these two basic foods. These days it seems that people have forgotten about these two super foods. I know people who spend thousands of dollars on the latest supplements and rarely eat any real food. Although most folks think of milk and eggs as being only protein foods, this is not the case. Both milk and eggs are rich sources of fat-soluble nutrients and are loaded with high quality nutrition.

Over the years both milk and eggs (like so many things) have come in and out of favor. During the 1980’s the fat fearing zealots took over for a while and whole eggs were essentially black listed. Millions of yolks were tossed aside in hopes of avoiding the “deadly” cholesterol they contained. Egg whites were thought to be best because they had protein without the fat.


In fact this thinking is really incorrect. Egg yolk is designed as a storage unit loaded with nutrition and energy for the growing chick. As the chick develops in the egg it feeds on the yolk just before hatching. Not only is egg yolk a rich source of fat soluble vitamins, it also contains lecithin which acts as an emulsifier which naturally aids in the break down of the fat contained within it.


Like whole eggs, whole RAW milk has also come to represent nutritional evil. It is not the fat in the milk that is bad for us, it is the homogenization process which causes problems. Homogenization is a mechanical treatment of the fat globules in milk brought about by passing milk under high pressure through a tiny orifice, which results in a decrease in the average diameter and an increase in number and surface area, of the fat globules. What this means is that the milk-fat no longer naturally separates from the other liquid as it it does in it’s natural RAW state.


Ready to take advantage of this Delicious, Highly Nutritious drink?? Just Add all the ingredients below into a blender and mix for about 30 seconds. You can drink this as a meal or store it in the fridge and drink a glass every couple of hours. It will provide a lot of energy, fat-soluble nutrients and did I mention it’s delicious?!


Raw Milk 2 cup/16oz;
Raw Egg 3-4 Large (I usually use 3)
Raw Honey* 2 Tbsp. (Optional)
Stevia 1-2 packets (Optional)
Raw Vanilla Extract 1-2 tsp (Optional)

Try incorporating a few of these old-school super shakes into your weekly Personal Eating Plan and see what happens. You may find that you don’t need all those super pills and powders any more.


Milk 2 cup/16oz; Calories: 320, Total Fat: 18g, Carbs: 24g, Protein: 18g
Egg 3 Large (150g); Calories: 213, Total Fat: 15g, Carbs: 3g, Protein: 21g
Honey 2 tbsp. (42g); Calories: 140, Total Fat: 0g, Carbs: 34g, Protein: 0g
Calories: 671 Total fat: 33g, Carbs: 61g, Protein: 39g

TAKU’s NOTE: All milk has sugar in it (even RAW milk) For those wanting to remain as “Low-Carb” as possible you may omit the honey from the above recipe, which will drop the “carb” count to 27g. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you can try adding some Stevia, Monk Fruit, or Xylitol as a non-sugar sweetener. Throw in a dash of real vanilla extract, and you’ll be having the best Vanilla shake you ever tasted. Check the links below for some of the benefits of the OLD- SCHOOL SUPER SHAKE.


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