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Forget Waffles…I Want some CHAFFLES!!



I’ve been creating custom Personal Eating Plans for my clients for many years. Along the way I’ve developed a ton of easy and delicious recipes.


Last months blog post featured my Protein Pancakes recipe, which turned out to be very popular. With this in mind, I’m gonna teach you how to make Chaffles.

The word “chaffle” refers to a waffle made with just two ingredients: cheese and eggs. Basic Chaffles do not contain flour, baking powder or any other ingredients. The mixture of egg and cheese makes for a slightly crunchy exterior. Chaffels are perfect for those seeking to follow a low-carb personal eating plan, but who feel like they are missing out on things like waffles or bread.

I start with 2 large eggs and 1 cup of shredded mozzarella. Some people will put everything in the blender and make it smooth and creamy. I’ve found that this step is not needed. I use finely shredded cheese and simply whisk it together with the eggs.

I pre-heat my waffle maker to medium. When it’s ready I simply pour in the batter (being sure to spread it evenly across the waffle iron).

Once the batter has been spread, close the lid and let it cook for 5 minutes. You will find that these will crisp up just like a normal waffle. After the time has elapsed, carefully open the waffle maker and check on the progress. I find that 5 minutes works for a perfect golden brown chaffle. I carefully peel them out of the waffle maker and allow them to sit for 1-2 minutes to get a little more crispy.


Due to it’s mild flavor, using mozzarella cheese will make your chaffles taste more like waffles. Once you add butter and sugar free syrup they REALLY taste like a waffle.


If you will be using the chaffles as a bun or bread (which is how I use them the most), you can try shredded cheddar, pepper jack, Monterey jack cheese, or any cheese blend (Mexican blend, taco blend, pizza blend). I personally like to use Kerrygold cheddar because I’m a big fan of a hearty cheddar. It’s really up to you and what you prefer. So like any recipe, keep tweaking until you make it your own.

TAKU’s NOTE: You can add coconut flour or almond flour to give it a more bread-like texture. One teaspoon of either is a good place to start and adjust to your preferences.

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