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March 6, 2023 0 Comments

The Importance Of Strength Training During Menopause


Todays article is a direct Follow up to this weeks podcast episode.

At TNT Strength we recommend brief, intense, infrequent strength training workouts as the foundation of a total-fitness program. This style of training is safe efficient and effective for everyone.

Often women will avoid strength training with weights for fear of bulking up or sometimes because they just don’t realize the benefits to be gained. With this in mind I recently checked in with my friend and mentor Wayne Westcott PhD about this important topic, he had this to say:

Menopause is the most important time in a woman’s life to do resistance exercise. During the menopause years, woman typically experience double the muscle loss of their younger years. Between the ages of 50 and 60, women can change from a half-pound average muscle loss per year to a one-pound average muscle loss per year (largely due to estrogen reduction). Bone loss follows a very similar pattern. Strength training (along with sufficient sleep and protein intake) can maintain / increase muscle mass and bone density during this same time period.”

As you can see Strength is a key to women’s total health and fitness. To help you learn more I offer the following information with regards to the many benefits of strength training before and during menopause:

Reverse Genetic Markers of Aging –It’s a generally established medical fact that the benefits of brief effective strength training are a practical fountain of youth. Strength training delivers the health benefits that no other form of exercise will.

Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis – As we age our bones naturally get more porous and less dense. That makes them more brittle and prone to breaking. Brief effective strength training reverses this process and adds density to bones.

Improves Cholesterol Profile – Brief effective strength training exercise lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases HDL (good) cholesterol. These are two key markers of heart disease that are improved by Brief effective strength training exercise.

Positively Impact Hormone Profiles – Brief effective strength training causes your body to produce more of its own, natural growth hormone. Increased HGH is known to boost libido, improve your sleep, improve memory and decrease the wrinkles in your skin!

Boost Metabolism and Increase Fat Loss – Adding muscle to your body increases your Basal Metabolic Rate which means you will naturally burn more calories and lose fat 24 hours a day. Adding just 5 pounds of new muscle will burn off 20 to 30 pounds of fat annually.

More Energy – Having more muscle means that every activity throughout the day is less taxing. That means having extra energy left over to enjoy life more.

Look Better – Strength training changes the composition of your body in two very positive ways. It increases lean body mass and decreases fat. In short, strength training makes you look younger and more fit.

Positive effects on depression – Regular strength training exercise improves cognitive function, enhances mood and promotes daytime alertness and restful sleep. Brief effective strength training will increase endorphin levels which are the bodies’ natural pain relievers.

A high intensity, no momentum workout program is the safest and most effective means to achieve muscle strength and endurance, reduced body fat, higher metabolism, increased bone mineral density, and improved cardiovascular fitness.

Now imagine getting all those benefits by performing perhaps one or two brief, effective strength training workouts a week that take thirty minutes or less. The point is that greater strength equals greater health.

Now is the time for you to become your best version of yourself. So what are you waiting for, get started on your strength training program today.



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